My Fellow Americans...

Page Objects in Nightwatch.js

Page objects are critical to maintaining automation suites and protecting against flakey tests. Learn how to enjoy building them with Nightwatch.js.
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The Tale of OkBurrito

The year was 2014 and I was hungry for something. Love? Delicious Mexican food? ¿Porque no los dos?
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ModernIE for Vagrant Reloaded

Modern.IE vagrant boxes configured the right way
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A UNIX shell experience on Windows

I’m most comfortable working with a UNIX style shell, currently I’m using oh-my-zsh at home and bash at work. One thing that I used to find increasingly frustrating about working on a Windows PC at work is the lack of a terminal application that lets me get work done the way I’m used to. My current solution on Windows uses the portable console emulator cmder. The cmder software package combines ConEmu and Msysgit with a cleaner aesthetic.
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ModernIE Vagrant Boxes

Get the lowdown on quick and simple configuration of ModernIE Windows virtual machines using Vagrant
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