My Fellow Americans...

Technical Debt: Understanding and Addressing Its Impact

Technical debt is a term that often pops up in conversations among developers and team leaders alike. It’s seen as a major challenge, but defining it can be a bit tricky. Are you a developer, or have you ever been one? If so, you’re likely familiar with the concept of technical debt. Yet, when asked to define it, the answers can be diverse, even among those who share similar backgrounds and experiences.
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Why Nintendo of America Needs to be Nationalized: A Tale of DS Handhelds, Jobs, and Patriotism

As the nation grapples with economic woes and the never-ending fight for a brighter future, a question of utmost importance looms overhead: should the U.S. government nationalize Nintendo of America? The answer, my fellow Americans, is a resounding YES. At first glance, this might seem like a perplexing idea. But, fear not, for there is no better way to unite our great nation than by ensuring every citizen has the inalienable right to a Nintendo DS handheld.
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The Art of Engineering Management: Striking the Right Balance

Engineering management is a fascinating and challenging role that bridges the gap between technical expertise and people management. It requires not only a strong background in engineering principles but also the ability to effectively communicate, mentor, and support a diverse team of engineers. As an engineering leader, you’ll need to juggle multiple responsibilities while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. And that’s where the fun begins! The Balancing Act: Technical vs.
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The Ballad of Site Reliability Engineering

In a world where uptime’s supreme, and downtime’s our dread, Site Reliability Engineers keep systems fed. With monitors and alerts, we strive to maintain, The heartbeats of servers, our charge to sustain. Through chaos we find strength, we embrace the unknown, Injecting our systems with faults overblown. For resilience we build, like a fortress in stone, SREs stand guard to keep problems postponed. We measure and monitor, metrics our guide, To optimize systems, a data-driven stride.
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Service Level Objectives: A Primer

A brief introduction to Service Level Objectives and how to implement them
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