Hello all,

I’ve made the decision to officially retire any future updates and support for the ModernIE Vagrant boxes I have uploaded at https://atlas.hashicorp.com/ModernIE

Microsoft now has their own account on Atlas for uploading what they determine to be official vagrant boxes and they have specified the following conditions:

We are happy to provide a set of Windows Boxes for people to use! That said, please be aware of the following information:

  • The Boxes on this page are intended for development, testing and evaluation purposes.
  • Each Box comes with its own EULA that you must read and accept before using the Box in question.
  • It is not a “good thing” to copy and repost Windows Boxes. Please come here for the latest, up-to-date Windows Boxes. If you have any questions about Microsoft, Windows and Vagrant - contact us at vagrant@microsoft.com

To be clear, no one from Microsoft has ever contacted me to ask me to remove the boxes I uploaded. I am not being forced to make this decision in any way, it’s my own personal decision. I have been contacted by Microsoft employees on a few occasions in regards to providing them feedback and expertise on how to improve their foray into building Windows vagrant boxes. While I haven’t seen an improvement in Microsoft’s offering for vagrant I have hope that in time they will provide better support than I’m capable of. And to help motivate them I made the decision to shut down all support to my ModernIE boxes to avoid dividing the community between official support and 3rd-party.

Effective July 1st, 2016 the boxes I have hosted will be revoked so that they can no longer be downloaded. I will also reach out to Microsoft directly to offer the ModernIE account to them if they wish to use it, if not I will remain the owner of that account to prevent others from taking it over.

I apologize for any disruption this causes, however it is a necessary decision. I accept any comments and feedback and would encourage you contact Microsoft at vagrant@microsoft.com with any future concerns or questions about their support of vagrant.

Cheers, Joe