In a world where uptime’s supreme, and downtime’s our dread, Site Reliability Engineers keep systems fed.

With monitors and alerts, we strive to maintain, The heartbeats of servers, our charge to sustain.

Through chaos we find strength, we embrace the unknown, Injecting our systems with faults overblown.

For resilience we build, like a fortress in stone, SREs stand guard to keep problems postponed.

We measure and monitor, metrics our guide, To optimize systems, a data-driven stride.

The five golden pillars, our principles to stand, Scalability, reliability, the pillars command.

Latency and performance, efficiency, we seek, And a culture of blamelessness, for when systems are weak.

Embracing automation, the tool of our trade, Reducing toil and labor, a path clearly laid.

Postmortems and lessons, when outages loom, We learn from our errors, let knowledge bloom.

With communication paramount, we plan and we share, Cross-functional teamwork, a burden to bear.

A balance of speed, risk and agility, SREs navigate change, with grace and ability.

In twelve rhythmic bars, our SRE tale unfurled,

A tribute to engineers, shaping the digital world.