I made the decision to disable comments on my blog posts today because the convenience of using Disqus as a drop-in commenting system is far outweighed by their business practices surrounding free users.

For context, I’d highly recommend reading Beware of Disqus! by Patrick Lee. The key point to consider here:

The free version of Disqus would show several forms of advertising on one page, but it also continuously loads requests in the background as long as the page is open.

I understand that Disqus is just looking to monetize their free users and attract ad buyers to their ad network, but the way they’re going about this is all wrong and I’m opting out.

For the time being that means no comments on blog posts I publish here because I don’t have an immediate stop-gap in place to provide commenting functionality.

Instead I’d encourage any readers to send their feedback to me via Twitter. I’m not Twitter famous (yet) so it’s a cinch for me to respond to everyone that reaches out there. Also my DMs are open so you can reach out privately if that’s more your jam.

Stay Frosty,